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What We Do

"After you blend all the elements the new American uses to define themselves you don't think multicultural, you think Purple."
Purple Group, assumed name for Lopez Martin & Associates, is a full‐service strategic marketing communications and advertising firm that leverages its cultural expertise in the Hispanic, multicultural, and total markets to develop powerfully engaging messages that maximize impact.

Why PurpleGroup?

Because the market is changing, you need an advertising agency with the skills and know‐how to identify, to connect and to engage the new America while supporting your current efforts in the multicultural landscape. We are strategic partners that can supplement your marketing and advertising team with our Hispanic, multicultural and total market expertise.

Our Services


Creative strategy, copy strategy, branding and positioning, television, radio, print, media planning and placement, and adaptations/translations
Public Relations/Marketing/Outreach
Strategy, public relations, event marketing, marketing communications, direct mail, product integration, newsletters, promotions, Hispanic marketing, total market, multicultural marketing, and campaign management
Acculturation methodology, market research and analytics: qualitative and quantitative, one–on–one interviews, focus groups, surveys, timeline studies, and predictive modeling
Strategic planning, business assessments, marketing plans, sales plans, etc.; multicultural program/Hispanic market program strategy, bilingual/bicultural staffing strategy, acculturation methodology, Hispanic Readiness™ evaluation and recommendation, business growth plans, and marketing plans
Website Development
Design, copy, programming for websites, micro sites, and landing pages

Interactive/Digital/Online ‐ New Media
Strategy, digital store, online advertising, mobile marketing, mobile site development, social media (WOM), web site development, SEO, Blogsites, and online banners

Outsourced Sales/Fundraising Sales
Outsourced sales solutions to drive sales and growth; we handle the entire sales process from developing the sales plan, identifying leads, pre-calls, follow-up, appointments, proposals to closing the sale.  Additionally, we work with non-profit organizations to develop fundraising plans resulting in increased contributions
Entrepreneurship Program

Critical to starting and growing a business is a strategic marketing plan which directs the company on who to target, how to target, positioning in comparison to competitors and key materials to give the right impression. We offer a special a‐la‐carte or all inclusive package to help entrepreneurs create the right presence and position their business for growth. Related services include: marketing plan development, brand identity: logo, business cards, letterhead; website, and multi‐purpose sales piece. Additionally, the online and social media opportunities are explored to leverage free marketing resources: Facebook, LinkedIn, online newsletters/blog, etc.
Our unique transcreation method focuses on simultaneously translating and creating (transcreation) in order to ensure that the marketing message and the brand tone is not only accurate but as moving as the original
Photography Services - Hispanic Imagery
Through its sister company, Real Latino Images, we provide authentic Latino imagery, visually representing Hispanic lifestyle in the U.S. Visit the site at

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