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How We Do It

"We are strategic partners that can supplement your marketing and advertising team with our cultural and total market expertise."

Client Foucused. Target Driven.

As a strategic marketing, public relations and advertising firm, all of our work is driven by a framework that allows us to truly gain an understanding of our clients' objectives and mission. The following is a brief summary of the tools that we use and which serve as the foundation of our results driven work.

Path to Insight

Path to InsightOur approach to discovering unique insights about the client and the  markets, multicultural, Hispanic, total market, that are best suited for the specified products and services. These tools guide the strategic foundation which is established for successful integrated communications. 

Phase 1: Discovery – capturing insights that lead to strategy
                 Stage 1: Internal Review
                 Stage 2: External Review
Phase 2: Strategy
Phase 3: Communications Plan
Phase 4: Alignment
Phase 5: Implementation/Creative Execution
Phase 6: Measurement

Hispanic Readiness


This tool allows us to assess just how ready an organization is to pursue the Hispanic market After the assessment is conducted, we make recommendations prior to implementation of any advertising or outreach, etc.
LMA Marketing Audit


During the LMA Marketing Audit we review existing communications materials/collateral, both for internal communications and external communications, existing research, existing websites in order to ensure no duplication of efforts and to gauge uniformity and consistency of brand.
Entrepreneurship Program


Business owners who want to grow need to determine how they will position their business, who they are targeting and how to price their product or service. Without these key strategic factors, a lot of time, energy and resources may be wasted. We have developed a special package to help entrepreneurs with these three critical strategic factors and even included the fundamental elements to execute the strategy: branding & identity, website, online and social media integration.

Metrics - Marketing ROI


Given the uniqueness of each of our customers we have developed a marketing return on investment model that allows us to effectively and efficiently measure the results of all campaigns. This provides clients with the means from which to actually measure the results of their campaigns beyond just anecdotes.


Our unique transcreation method that focus on simultaneously translating and creating (transcreation) in order to ensure that the marketing message and the brand tone is not only accurate but as moving as the original.



A custom mobile marketing platform, MobileEngage, designed to leverage the mobile phone as a media channel, as part of the Digital Store strategy, or as a stand-alone service.
• Program Elements
• Dedicated Keyword & Shortcode
• Unlimited Text Messaging
• Mobile Coupon & Offers
• Customized Mobile Web Site, functional across all Smartphones!
• Location Text Reply & Links
• Mobile Social Connections

The Power of Mobile Marketing
• Mobile Marketing has a 98% View Rate
• Mobile Marketing carries a 50% Increase in ROI
  than other Marketing
• Mobile Search is 5 to 1 over Traditional Online
  Search Methods
• Fastest Growing Age Demographic 50‐65
  Year Olds
Digital Store


This is a tool we developed to assist our clients to take full ownership of their digital presence. The tool integrates relevant digital channels in order to manage and increase our clients' online visibility, 'searchability', 'fundability,' and profitability. We can help by developing a winning online strategy that targets the behaviors of your targeted group of customers.

The key to the Digital Store is creating a smooth transition between physical locations and digital 'locations.' It is critical that when a potential customer is looking for you online, that they can find you. The visibility, searchability, findability must be present both on computers and smart phones which today, are one of the biggest forms of consumer interaction with the internet.
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